Eyelashes Duration Price
  • Lash LIFT 45 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    This intricate service is designed to give your natural eyelashes a enhanced BOOST and LIFT!Estimated4-6weeks longevity without touch up... Say goodbye to your eyelash curler ladies!
Makeup Duration Price
  • MAKEUP APPLICATION 45 minutes $50.00 Book Now
Massages Duration Price
  • 30 MIN MASSAGE 30 minutes $40.00 Book Now
    Do you just have that one sore spot that could really use worked out? A headache that won't go away? Or Maybe this is your first massage and your still not sure it's your thing? Our 30 minute massage customized for you may be just the thing that's needed to fix you up and get you on your way!
  • 60 MIN MASSAGE 1 hour $75.00 Book Now
    Our most popular massage option! Whether you just want to relax and unwind for an hour, or you need some serious deep tissue work to correct a chronic pain issue, be amazed at the difference 60 minutes can make.
  • 90 MIN MASSAGE 1 hour 30 minutes $105.00 Book Now
    Just go for it, you know you want to!
  • AROMATHERAPY RELAXATION MASSAGE 1 hour 15 minutes $90.00 Book Now
  • AromaTouch Massage Techniques 45 minutes $50.00 Book Now
    The doTERRA AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.Developed by Dr. David Hill, leading expert in integrative therapeutic applications of essential oils, the AromaTouch Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function.The technique is simple and intuitive and uses doTERRA CPTG Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience.
  • COUPLE'S MASSAGE 1 hour $165.00 Book Now
    Take the time to relax with your sweetie during a tranquil, 60 minute Swedish Massage. Enjoy champagne & chocolates as you escape together for an hour of bliss.
  • HOT STONE MASSAGE 1 hour 15 minutes $90.00 Book Now
    Relax, warm up your skin and truly unwind as our Massage Therapist uses hot natural stones to melt away muscle tension and increase blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body during this most soothing of massages yet!

  • MONDAY MASSAGE SPECIAL 50 minutes $50.00 Book Now
    Are you a fellow service industry provider or normally off on Mondays..If so then try this 50min Monday special for massage to refresh after a long work weekend or kickstart the beginning of a new one!
Salon Duration Price
  • COLORING. FULL DIMENSIONAL 2 hours $130.00 Book Now
    $130-$140 Depending on length, density and technique preferred.This service includes a full highlight or maybe just a root retouch with a partial highlight. However you prefer it if you would like a complete global and dimensional coloring this is the service for you. Complete with a simple style.
    **Detailed special occasion styling or extensive hot tool styles are at extra charge. Consult with your stylist should you have a question.
  • COLORING. FULL DIMENSIONAL + CUT 2 hours 15 minutes $175.00 Book Now
    A full global highlight or maybe a single global color with just a few highlights. How ever you prefer it, if it's total global coloring and with dimension then this is the service for you! This Full Dimensional coloring is accompanied by a deluxe haircut and style for your day.

    **Detailed special occasion styling or hot tool styles at extra cost. Consult with your stylist should you have a question.
  • COLORING. GLOBAL BLEACHING & TONING 3 hours $99.00 Book Now
    ON VIRGIN HAIR ONLY!!!Price starting at $99 for root be gone on new growth of previously bleached hair and upwards of $125 for a new all over global bleachingon VIRGIN HAIR ONLY>. Price is depending on density and number of processes required to achieve the desired level and tone.
    *** Please consult your stylist should you have any questions .If you have previously colored hair that you wish to lighten please see Multiple Colour Service.
  • COLORING. MINI DIMENSIONAL 1 hour 30 minutes $70.00 Book Now
    15 or less highlights of one single process color placed anywhere you like.
    Add a few highlights around the hairline or throughout the top to brighten up the face or add a pop of color somewhere to peek out underneath. The options are endless :)
  • COLORING. MINI DIMENSIONAL + CUT 1 hour 45 minutes $115.00 Book Now
    A mini highlight of 10 foils or less with a haircut and simple style for your day.
  • COLORING. PARTIAL DIMENSIONAL 2 hours $100.00 Book Now
    Just need brightend up with a partial Highlight or lowlighted down but not all over globally.If so, this ones for you!
  • COLORING. PARTIAL DIMENSIONAL + CUT 2 hours $145.00 Book Now
  • COLORING. ROOT BE GONE 1 hour 45 minutes $70.00 Book Now
    This is a single permanent color process to touch up new growth virgin hair, 3in or less of new growth or hair.
  • COLORING. ROOT BE GONE + CUT 1 hour 45 minutes $115.00 Book Now
  • COLORING. SINGLE GLOBAL + CUT 2 hours $125.00 Book Now
  • COLORING. SINGLE GLOBAL COLOUR 1 hour 45 minutes $80.00 Book Now
    A customized global colour service and blow dry with simple style.

    **Detailed styling or extensive hot tool usage is extra.
    Come in for just a deep conditioning treatment tailored to your hair's specific need. Treatment is finished with a simple hand tossed blowout in your hairs natural texture.
  • CONSULTATION ONLY 15 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    Unsure what you would like with your style and need a consultation? Schedule just a quick 15mins of your day with the stylist of your choice to discuss your transformation and then to schedule your proper service requests.
    We appreciate you taking the time to consult with us prior to a deluxe creative color service so we can effectively determine the timing and supplies needed to create your desire result. Most creative color services are not a single process. This service is for a consultation only.
  • CUTS. THE BANG or BEARD TRIM 15 minutes $10.00 Book Now
  • CUTS. THE DELUXE CUT 1 hour $55.00 Book Now
    This service includes a relaxing shampoo and scalp massage, the cut and a simple blow dry + style.
    **Detailed round brush blow-out or hot-tool style is extra.

    For gents or super short haired ladies who wish to have a quick shampoo but do not need the blow out + hot style..check out THE SHORT CUT on our menu.
  • CUTS. THE DRY CUT 45 minutes $45.00 Book Now
    For Medium shoulder length to long hair styles cut ONLY. This service does not include a Shampoo or Blow out with style. Should you need styling prior to cut an additional $5 charge may occur.Please arrive with your hair clean and smooth or how you normally wear it everyday if it is curly for your cut only.
  • CUTS. THE FLY BY BUZZ CUT 20 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    Just looking for a quick one clipper guard buzz all over or a touch up on the sides only with the clippers.
  • CUTS. THE SHORT CUT (3in. or less on your head) 45 minutes $35.00 Book Now
  • EXTENSIONS- CONSULTATION ONLY 15 minutes $0.00 Book Now
  • SMOOTHING. KERATIN PROTEIN TREATMENT 2 hours 30 minutes $200.00 Book Now
    This treatment leaves hair silky, softer and easier to style on your own without drastically altering natural curl or wave. Ideal for frizzed and hard to manage locks. NO FORMALDEHYDE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS.
  • STYLES - THE SIMPLE BLOW OUT 1 hour $40.00 Book Now
    Scalp massaging shampoo and deluxe blow out.*Flat iron press for extremely textured hair at extra cost.

    ****Price starting at $40 for simple blow out and upwards to $75 depending on density, texture and length.
  • STYLES- DELUXE FORMAL UPSTYLE 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
    Deluxe polished upstyle for your big day or special event..

    Price ranging from $65-$75
Spa Duration Price
  • Customized Airbrushed SPRAY TAN 30 minutes $40.00 Book Now
    Our customized spray tan formula not only leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished and evenly glowing, It also can be completely customized to your skin's natural hue and undertones.
  • BROW TINT & WAX COMBO 30 minutes $35.00 Book Now
  • BROW Tinting 30 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • BROW WAX + FILL 25 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • COMBO- EXPRESS MANI/PEDI 1 hour $50.00 Book Now
    Waterless express manicure followed by a pedi quick soak, callus treatment, nail trim and shaping. Top them both off with a quick moisturize and polish.
  • COMBO- KIDS MANI/PEDI 1 hour $35.00 Book Now
    This perfect little package is just right for those 12 and under.A waterless manicure and quick soak pedicure to clean up and shape up hands and feet. Topped off with a quick moisturize and polish.
  • COMBO- SPA BASIC MANI/PEDI 1 hour 30 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    This basic mani/pedi combo offers your hands and toes a relaxing day all to their own.Quick soak and nail shaping accompanied by a polish color of your choice.Specialty nail art or french at an additional cost. ($10)
  • EYELASH Individual Lash Flares! 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    4-6 hairs per flare. Enhances eyes to pop and gives temporary lash extension to human lash. Last 1-2 weeks. Also strips and flares available for application.
  • EYELASH Tinting 20 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    Alone or add to an already brow maintenance appointment for only $10
  • FACIALS- A.N.D. Complete Facial 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    This full one hour facial includes a natural non invasive enzyme peel, steaming and extractions coupled with a hand and arm massage. Choices of mango berry or rejuvenation facial to choose from.
  • FACIALS- A.N.D. CRANBERRY OXYGEN FACIAL 1 hour 15 minutes $85.00 Book Now
    As the seasons change, so does your skin. Harvest the seeds of radiant skin with a renewing and rejuvenating A.N.D. Cranberry Oxygen Facial!
    Hot towels, oxygenating cleansers, moisturizers, fruit enzyme peel and masks, complete with head, neck, shoulders and arm massage.... What's not to love about that!
  • FACIALS- A.N.D. Refresh Facial 45 minutes $50.00 Book Now
    This Signature facial offers a basic relaxing and refreshing facial customized to your skin type using the A Natural Difference line of products.
  • FACIALS- AromaYou Custom Facial 30 minutes $45.00 Book Now
    doTerra Essential Oil Facial is designed to maximize the natural power of essential oils in helping to keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy and gorgeous. In addition to a carful selection of CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essentials oils added in generous proportion to each product.This essential skincare line includes cutting edge technologies which compliment the essentials oils in targeting the visible signs of both cellular and mechanical aging. This facial includes a cleansing, pore reducing toner, Immortelle, clear skin blend, tightening serum, anti again moisturizer and a custom blend of CPTG essential oils.
  • FACIALS- SIGNATURE J&H FACIAL 50 minutes $60.00 Book Now
    Our signature facial Is gentle and relaxing facial perfect for bringing your skin back to life. Enjoy a customized regimen which includes a steam treatment to prepare your skin for a gentle cleansing, A vitamin rich mask tailored for your skin type, complete with the perfect moisturizer and eye treatment for your day. Includes a scalp, face/neck, and a hand and arm massage.
  • GEL POLISH REMOVAL 30 minutes $10.00 Book Now
  • MANICURE- EXPRESS 30 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    A waterless manicure. This service includes a trim, nail shaping and buff to high shine or polish.
  • MANICURE- KIDS 45 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    A quick soak, nail trim and shaping, cuticle clean up sugar scrub, moisturize and polish.Children 12 and under.
  • MANICURE- SPA BASIC 1 hour $25.00 Book Now
    Includes color removal, soak, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, buffing, hand massage and OPI polish application
  • MANICURES- POLISH CHANGE ONLY 15 minutes $12.00 Book Now
  • MANICURES- THE GEL SPA 1 hour 15 minutes $42.00 Book Now
    This Deluxe service offers you a relaxing express manicure, a hand and arm massage and a fresh application of Shellac Gel polish.French polish or nail art is additional. $10
  • MANICURES- THE ULTIMATE 1 hour 15 minutes $60.00 Book Now
    This spa manicure offers you a deluxe a hot towel warming mask OR paraffin dip and stone massage topped with a gel polish application of your choice.
  • PEDICURES- EXPRESS 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    A quick soak, trim, nail shaping and cuticle clean up followed by a callus eliminator, moisturizer and polish of your choice.
  • PEDICURES- HOT STONE 1 hour 15 minutes $55.00 Book Now
    This Basis Spa Pedicure includes an extended hot stone massage.
  • PEDICURES- KIDS 1 hour $25.00 Book Now
    A basic pedicure perfect for those 12 and under. A quick soak andnail clean up followed by a sugar moisturizing scrub and polish.
  • PEDICURES- POLISH CHANGE ONLY 15 minutes $17.00 Book Now
  • PEDICURES- SPA BASIC 1 hour $40.00 Book Now
    A relaxing bath for your feet.Callus and cuticle removers leave your feet feeling smooth and soft. Includes color removal,trim, foot massage and your choice of OPI polish to top it off.
  • PEDICURES- THE GEL SPA 1 hour 15 minutes $55.00 Book Now
    This basic spa pedicure includes your choice of Gelish Gelaze or Shellac Gel polish. French or nail art is additional $10.
  • PEDICURES- THE ULTIMATE 1 hour 30 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    This Ultimate Spa Pedicure includes a warming honey mask accompanied by a hot steam towel wrap and extended hot stone massage.
  • SHELLAC SATURDAYS 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    All Gel Manicures $32
    Gel Pedicures $47
  • SIGNATURE BACK FACIAL 1 hour $50.00 Book Now
  • THURSDAY- MODERN MAN SPA DAY 1 hour $45.00 Book Now
    Gentlemen can choose any 2 express spa services for only $45!.Clean up those cuticles and toes with a manicure & pedicure combo or maybe you want to relax with a 30min massage or express facial with steamed hot towels to sooth your skin.

    *Ladies bring a gentleman and you too can receive the same offer!!
  • TUESDAY PICK 2 SPECIAL 1 hour $45.00 Book Now
Waxing Duration Price
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