Facials Duration Price
  • Acne Treatment 30 minutes $95.00 Book Now
    Cleanse, mild exfoliation, extraction (as needed) and peel or detox mask to calm and clear your skin.Treatment will vary depending on existing condition. Regular maintenance treatment is highly recommended until acne is cleared.
  • Bring Back the Youth Treatment 30 minutes $265.00 Book Now
    Sun damage, vascular lesions, fine lines and other signs of aging skin no problem. Works by stimulating new collagen growth to replenish and even out your skin. The treatment improves the appearance of vascular and pigmented lesions. Safe, painless and with no harmful side effects, stunning results can be appreciated in as few as two treatments. Once a month treatment in a series of 6 is highly recommended.For pigmentation and vascular lesions more frequent visit maybe needed.
  • Celluma Light Therapy 30 minutes $85.00 Book Now
  • Hoku Back Treatment 45 minutes $95.00 Book Now
    Deep skin detoxification for those hard to reach areas. Clear and purify your back while experiencing heavenly relaxation and alleviating the stress of everyday life.
  • Hoku Ultimate Peel Treatment 1 hour 20 minutes $265.00 Book Now
    This peel is optimally harmonized with highly dosed fruit acid preparations for an intensive treatment of the mature skin with wrinkles, dead skin cells and pigmentation. Gentle yet effective!
  • Leilani Treatment 50 minutes $150.00 Book Now
    Custom designed treatment to fit your skin care needs using the highest quality products. Your skin will thank you!
  • LumiFacial I 35 minutes $70.00 Book Now
    Using specific wave lengths of pure spectrum colors- blue, green, yellow, red.  Each color has a unique and direct impact on the cells responsible for skin conditions such as: acne prone skin, redness and couperose skin, pigmentation, and photo-aging.  Painless non-invasive treatment that is great for maintenance treatment.
  • LumiLift 1 hour $190.00 Book Now
    Great for regenerating and repairing the layers of skin, and the underlying muscles this non-invasive treatments combine multiple advanced technologies for a complete, fast powerful response for all skin conditions. Series treatment highly recommended.
  • Skin Rejuvenation Therapy 40 minutes $190.00 Book Now
    This unique system draws on the power of multiple energy sources and simultaneously combines innovative technologies to restore the skin’s metabolic functions, taking years off the appearance of the skin without having to go through painful surgical procedures. Get tighter, smoother and younger looking skin in one session!
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