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Credit card reservationWhen you use this booking software, your credit card will be required to reserve an appointment. If you don't wish to enter a credit card, we can book the appointment for you. You've already filled out the appointment request in step 1. We'll be in touch and get you booked.

— Hint: If a message Call To Book pops up, this means that there is less than 1-hr lead time. We will need you to call so we can confirm that the therapist can accommodate you. 919.854.9555. 

Avoid using the back button. Because there is a 10 min hold on any appointment you've viewed, your back button query will return inaccurate details. If something goes wrong, Step 1 captured your appointment details and we will assist you during business hours. 

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE option is the catch-all. If you don't have a specialty in mind, choose this option. You and your therapist can determine your needs and techniques at the time of your appointment. 

Hint: Use the Blue buttons at the top to change dates. You can choose a preferred therapist for a specific date but if your therapist isn't available, other therapists will be given to you as options. You can use the arrow over button associated with the date to choose your therapist at his or her next available appointment date and times available. 



 — Booking yourself online works 80% of the time. There may be some adjustments we can make behind the scenes to get you in at your preferred time/therapist/date. That's why Step 1 is so important. If you have any trouble booking, just know we'll reach out during business hours to assist you. 





1. What does this mean? Your guide to speaking "Booker":

  • Book me at least: See FAQ # 3
  • Call To Book: Your chosen start time is less than 1 hour away. We cannot guarantee your therapist is available and we need to confirm. The program is trying to say "There's a good chance your therapist is available but we've got to check first and not depend on online booking". 
  • Choose another therapist: Your therapist isn't available on the day you chose. We're a team and we're here to help or use the dates buttons at the top of the page to choose another date.
  • Submit An Appointment Request:  This option sends us an email about your needs. You can tell us everything about your appointment and you can also choose multiple dates. The only downside is you will have to wait for a phone call or email response. If your needs are complex, book online only if you are booking a same day appointment. 

2. Why don't you fix the booking software and take out the confusing language? Why not use another program?

  • The inability to customize your experience within the Booker program to best fit how customers really think troubles our company. We have customized this home page to help you! At this time we don't have the option to write in our tips directly into the program itself. The good news is once you read these tips applying these best practices is simple.  
  • Booker is a one stop management tool that integrates with point-of-sale software as well as other business management needs. We share all your gripes and wishes with Booker engineers.

3. What Service Should I Choose? Where are the other services listed on your website?

  • Contact us to book other services such as couples massage, how to classes, home visits, or corporate and event massage. 
  • Did you know you can book standing appointments for your favorite time weekly, bimonthly, or monthly? Ask us and we'll be happy to help. 

4. Where Did That Appointment Time Go That I Just Chose?

  • If you back track after choosing an appointment time, the system holds that time for 10 minutes to prevent double booking. We recommend you use the "Book Me At Least" service options to maximize results and eliminate frustrations caused by this limitation in the software. Step 1 at the top of this page will give us the opportunity to help you. We'll be in touch just as soon as we find your ideal appointment(s).

5. Where's the Week View?

  • We can't customize this software. Our Hands On Health clients will be the first to know when that feature arrives! In the meantime, choose one date to enter and you can toggle over to other dates from there!

6. I Don't Like That I Have to Enter a Form of Payment to Reserve My Appointment

  • Even if you have a gift card to use, it's easiest to just reserve your appointment with a credit card. You can choose an alternate form of payment when you check out after your appointment. Credit card reservations greatly reduce no-show and late cancellations. Eliminating this burden is one of the reasons we remain a strong, happy, and healthy center for therapists and clients alike.

7. For Those Who Are Truly Geeky

  • So are we! Let's just keep this short and sweet. It's still the beginning of the 21st century ... improvements in software integration products happen even while you are reading this sentence. We're pretty sure you're asleep by now so we'll leave our geek selves behind now and say in advance "WELCOME TO OUR MASSAGE TABLE!"





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