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Environmental Protection (0.5 fl oz)

Provides smoothing protection for dry skin

Environmental Protection from Elizabeth Renee Esthetics is a concentrated serum that protects and perfects skin and creates a flawless canvas for makeup application. It also seals skin from environmental dryness and irritants and offers even the roughest, most porous skin a smooth-as-glass finish.
Environmental Protection has a unique silicone matrix. It settles into your skin’s natural valleys, evening the surface to form a glass-like finish without clogging pores. Skin-fortifying lipids replenish your skin’s barrier as they sink into damaged areas between cells, creating a healthier and smoother complexion.

Silicone Blend - a non-comedogenic, breathable barrier
Ceramides - skin-fortifying lipids that moisturize skin from within
Borage Seed Oil - contains high amounts of gamma-linolenic acid, which aids in skin cell restoration and repairs tissue damage.

This clear, pink serum is rich and glossy when applied, and then disappears as it sinks into your skin. It has deliciously romantic, soft floral notes.

0.5 fl oz : $42.50

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