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Brightening Peptide Serum (1 fl oz)

Provides skin with anti-aging repair and brighteners

As we age, little sun indiscretions seem to catch up with us. Skin becomes looser, lines become more apparent and uneven pigmentation sprouts up just when we are trying to deal with inevitable hormonal changes. Brightening Peptide Serum is part of the Un-Sun Heroes Collection from Elizabeth Renee Esthetics. This collection of lighteners, brighteners, peptides and super antioxidants creates an unsurpassed arsenal for those who are serious about reducing the signs of aging caused by environmental stress.

Brightening Peptide Serum is a key element that includes high-potency firming peptides with skin brighteners and super-calming agents that help fight pigmentation. In just a few weeks you can begin to see anti-aging results with this incredibly effective support system.

Alpha Arbutin - extracted from the Bearberry plant and known to inhibit tyrosine and thus prevent the formation of melanin
Licorice Root Extract - an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that contains skin-brightening properties
Daisy Flower Extract - reduces the formation of melanin, thus providing significant lightening effects

1 fl oz : $49.50

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