Wellness or Integrative Duration Price
  • Gravity Colonic / High Colonic (Gratuity Included) 1 hour $130.00 Book Now
    Gravity colonics are the most gentle, natural and effective manner to irrigate the last three to five feet of your intestinal tract, known as your Large Intestine or your Colon. Using only filtered water in an elevated tank and the gravitational pull of the Earth, water is safely flushed through the anal cavity using sterilized medical grade equipment. I am present during the entire treatment thoroughly massaging your abdomen. I promise it isn’t awkward! I’ll play my favorite music and you will leave feeling lighter and more energized! Once your appointment is booked, please check your inbox (and SPAM) for my confirmation email for further instruction and directions.

    For optimal results, please fast at least three hours prior to treatment and no fluids at least one hour prior to treatment. Plan on liquid fasting for at least three hours post treatment (preferably the rest of the day). Do not overeat and plan on sticking to a light vegan diet (no meat or dairy).I recommend either sticking to fruit or having a vegetable soup (choose one or the other).

    Treatment duration: 45 minutes
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