Sun, Feb 25, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Bach Flowers For Emotional Balance featured class / Special Event
with Josiah Groth
120.00 minutes
This four week series examines the basics of this amazing healing modality as well as takes an in-depth look at the original English Bach Flowers categorized into seven main emotional tones. Join us for a detailed examination of all the original Remedies developed by Dr. Bach. We will discuss how the remedies are used, mixed, and made in detail. By the end of this class series, you should understand how to create your own mixes and evaluate flowers for friends, family, and yourself.
About the teacher
Josiah counts his blessings every day as a father of three very pink little girls, as a husband of 14 years, and as a humble student of gifted teachers. He has always been interested in finding ways to live in a passionate connection to his philosophy. As a young man it was in martial arts that he found those connections, studying karate and ninjitsu. While he finished his Bachelor's degree in Biology Education at UW-Green Bay he stumbled upon massage and yoga. In 2002 he graduated from Blue Sky School of Massage and embarked on his current path. Under the tutelage of Blair Lewis and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute, Josiah studied a living philosophy of yoga intensely with his wife Monica for the next seven years. Living and working as a massage teacher, therapist, yoga teacher, consultant, and facilities manager gave him the experiences developed the concept of Back To Bliss. Highlights include being a Karma yogi at the Himalayan Institute for three and a half years studying, practicing, and living an ayurvedic lifestyle, Consulting for East West Books of Manhattan, and the birth of his three daughters. Josiah combines his insights of compassion and the human mind with bodywork to create a massage experience that is based on helping you heal your entire being, not just your muscles. Often described as an intimate massage, his work connects you and opens your heart so that you can comfortably release deeply held muscle tension, emotions, and energy blocks. The experience of having your hidden pains and fears exposed and still held with compassion allows their resolution. A specialist in abhyanga, lymphatic, and NMT massages, his clients most often request 75 minute signature massages and say, "Just follow what your hands feel I need." Josiah's energy is calming, sincere, confident, and compassionate. While not always for the faint of heart, his massage follows deep energy currents that connect you to your energetic and emotional self. The intimacy of listening to these deep currents and allowing them to express themselves

Sunday, February 25 at 1:00 pm
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