Body Services Duration Price
  • Back Facial 1 hour $225.00 Book Now
    The back is prone to small acne lesions that develop from hard comedome plugs. Sport bras aggravate this type of acne. A treatment once a year can prevent these breakout.

    The entire back is cleansed with three stages of deep cleansing and exfoliation. Using safe sterile techniques all visible blackheads and whiteheads are removed. The area is exfoliated with either a peel solution or microdermabrasion. The skin is soothed with a massage lotion to finish.
  • Back Peel 1 hour $165.00 Book Now
    A revitalizing peel designed to lift impurities, pigmentation and skin irregularities by gently peeling the skin. Peelings takes place approximately 2 weeks after the application and leaves the skin soft and smooth and blemish free. To treat stubborn acne a series of 3-4 treatments is usually required.
Events Duration Price
  • Time required with Dr Perlman for possible treatment 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    If you just need to talk to me without getting a service and it cannot be done via e mail.
Facials Duration Price
  • Accelafuze 1 hour 30 minutes $245.00 Book Now
    The Accelafuze treatment involves the next generation of exfoliation system. Accelafuze treatments use a unique delivery tip that picks up the skin in its chamber and this occlusive vacuum helps to bring nutrients into the skin assisting in the appearance of rough sensitive skin with sun damage.The skin immediately looks brighter and healthier.
    The first stage of treatment involves the gently removal of the outmost dead layer of skin in a gentle and controlled manner. After the aged cells of the skin are removed, an infusion of scientifically formulated topical serums is given specifically for the skin condition being treated. The infusion process is cool, soothing and extremely effective as the newly peeled surface of the skin drinks in the nutrients that are professionally applied through the Accelafuze process.
  • Adolescent Facial 1 hour $185.00 Book Now
    This treatment was developed by Deborah for our teenage clients with acne issues. Using sterile safe techniques, closed comedones (black heads/white heads) and pustules (pimples) are gently extracted, followed by skin sterilization using the Blue Light and mild exfoliation with Beta Hydroxy . Advanced techniques allow deep cleaning that is relative pain free.
    Blue Light Therapy will effectively kill the bacteria that promotes acne and aids in the healing of current acne lesions. Bring in your current prescription and non-prescription products and Deborah will try and work them into an effective skin care routine explaining how to use them step by step. Deborah will give instructions on basic cleansing and the importance of sunscreen.will also help address the importance of consistent routines, and advice on preventing acne outbreaks.

  • Anti Aging Signature Facial 1 hour $195.00 Book Now
    A basic European style facial with extraction of blackheads and whiteheads and a massage. No time for any in depth evaluation, This is a one hour appointment so please no first time clients, I need more time with you to ensure the best possible service.
  • Diagnostic Evaluation Facial Treatment 2 hours $365.00 Book Now
    This is an appointment designed for first time clients. Two hours allocated will be concentrated on assessing your current skin issues.This will include a your current skin care routines, and any recommendations for improving your skin health. Deborah follows up with a facial and any additional treatments she deems necessary, such as microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. All new clients are required to book with the exceptionof the adolescent facial
  • Sensitive Skin Facial 2 hours $345.00 Book Now
    Utilizing all the latest in anti aging services for the most collagen products with non invasive procedures. Includes the removal of any facial hair, brow tidy and any bleach required.
Hair Removal Duration Price
  • 15 min Electrolysis 15 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that uses a small thin needle that is inserted into the pore, following the hair. Small amounts of current are blended together and delivered to the base of the follicle were the active growth cells are. This current damages the cells so they cannot produce a hair.
    In one session approximately 20-30hairs are treated at a time. It is suitable for facial hair on the chin and upper lip the nipples and the abdomen. It works on all hair types and can be more effective then laser, the disadvantage being the small areas that can be treated in one session. Each area usually takes around 6 to 10 sessions to get the growth under control. Once the area is clear one or two treatments a year is required to maintain a clear hair free area.
  • Electrolysis 30 minutes $95.00 Book Now
  • Electrolysis 45 minutes $125.00 Book Now
  • Electrolysis 1 hour $165.00 Book Now
Medical Spa Treatments Duration Price
  • Apeele Peel 1 hour $500.00 Book Now

    This latest generation of peel formula combines a combination of TCA, Retin A, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C. They peel the outer layers of the epidermis slightly deeper then a superficial peel, therefore more able to treat sun damage and other skin conditions such as acne and scarring. Extensive peeling occurs day 2 and 3 with this peel. The Apeele has faster peeling time then the VI Peel, (day 2)
  • Dermaplaning 1 hour 30 minutes $245.00 Book Now
    Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure that gently removes the top layer of dead epidermal cells. Dermaplaning is ideal for anyone interested in the removal of vellous facial hair (peach fuzz) which can trap excess dirt and oil. Dermaplaning this type of growth does not effect the growth and cause it to grow back thicker.This hair type is referred to as vellous hair and is so fine you do not notice its regrowth.Dermaplanning on the thicker terminal growth that is a result of hormonal changes will appear more coarse because the hairs fine tapered end has been removed. This also includes the Signature facial.
  • VI Peel 1 hour $485.00 Book Now
    This latest generation of peel formula combines a powerful combination of TCA, Phenol, Retin A, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C. They peel the outer layers of the epidermis slightly deeper then a superficial peel, therefore more able to treat severe sun damage and other skin conditions such as acne and scarring.
Skin Care Duration Price
  • Collagen Treatment with extractions, eyebrows 1 hour 30 minutes $585.00 Book Now
    This advanced facial offers all of the necessary components for a healthy skin, exfoliation, collagen stimultion and a light peel. Non invasive, gentle and effcetive the skin will feel as if it has a mild sunburn for a day.
  • Vitalize Peel 1 hour $265.00 Book Now
    These series of peels are not as controlled in the timing of the peel as the designer VI Peel and Apeele.They are more superficial. They offer a more affordable alternative. Suitable for mild to moderate sundamage and acne, these peels can be done alone or in a series of 4. The extent of the peeling depends on the number of layers applied and can vary greatly. I will discuss at length the results and extent of peeling to be expected. This will depend also on the amount of peeling you wish to have. Some of the peel solutions include the Texas Ruby and the PCA Peels from Physicians Choice of Arizona and Skin Medica Peels.
Spa Duration Price
  • Relaxing Luxury Facial 5 minutes $195.00 Book Now
    The perfect gift. One hour of Luxury, includes three stages of cleansing with steam. Mild extractions followed by a luxurious massage to the face, neck and shoulders, followed by a treatment mask.
Waxing Duration Price
  • Brows 15 minutes $25.00 Book Now
    When you are under my care you will be using products that create a rapid cell turnover, this will ensure a smooth more healthy skin whose cells are not sticking together creating thick dull skin. Unfortunately that same skin will more likely be loosened to the extent strip wax will tear the skin. I offer complimentary waxing during all of my other services, (just ask !) but if you need to book some time outside of your normal scheduled appointment than use this tab .I use a special wax that does not grip the skin. Eyebrows only, I do not apply wax on other parts of the face.
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