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The following tips were designed to enhance your booking and spa experience.

Please take a moment to review this information prior to scheduling with us.


  • We welcome you to schedule your appointment(s) as a "guest" on this site, however, there are many benefits to creating an account with us! Track your service and purchase history, view, schedule, reschedule, or cancel upcoming appointments, and more!

  • For multiple appointments in the same day, we recommend scheduling your services in the following order: Body Treatment, Massage, Facial, Hair, Nails. Lash extensions should only be scheduled after any Body Treatments, Massage or Facial appointments. Body waxing should not be scheduled on the same day as a Body Treatment as skin may be sensitive after waxing.   

  • In-Service times are slightly different than actual Posted Booking Times. When booking a service that it is 1 hour long, this is how long the service schedules for and the minimum amount of time you should expect to be with us. In addition to the actual In-Service Time, this 5-10 minutes allows ample time for our specialist to greet you, conduct a thorough verbal intake about your medical history and desired outcomes as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have. It also allows time for you to disrobe in private (if applicable) and get settled into the treatment room/area before the specialist begins the service. In the description area of each service, you will find the In-Service Time, this is the actual time that the service provider will be actively performing your service; typically be 5-10 minutes less than the Posted Booking Time.

  •  VERY IMPORTANT: If you desire a service with a specific service provider, you must request them by selecting their name in the "With Whom" field BEFORE selecting an appointment time (see image below). Requesting a specific provider from the "With whom" field guarantees that your service will remain with that person. Services that are booked without requesting a specific provider in this manner are subject to being rescheduled to a different provider. *if you have created an account with us, you can take advantage of our easy to use "rebook" feature! Just look in "My Appointments" on the sidebar and choose "Rebook" next to the service and provider you wish to schedule with again!

  • Our scheduling system is similar to hotel booking sites: You will be asked to enter a credit card or Cloud 9 Gift Card number to schedule online but it is NOT pre-payment; no money will be held on your card. It simply verifies funds are available via that payment option and reserves your services expecially for you.  Upon checkout you can pay by cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or Cloud 9 Gift Card/Certificate. If you choose to pay with the same card that you reserved your appointment(s) with, you must present that card at checkout for authorization. For security purposes the cardholder must be present as we cannot accept a card presented by a different party. 



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