So here it is... "online booking"! And truly as much as I would love to rely on it 100%, it can be very tricky to schedule accurately for a hair colorist/stylist as everyone's hair is different therefore timing for each individual's hair service may differ.

Please use this system as a sort of guide only as to what times I may have available. Additionally, it may not always offer you the exact correct time that is actually open or there may be a place I can fit you into the schedule that the computer system just won't show.

If you choose to schedule online, please note that I will need to email you back personally from my gmail account to confirm the time requested even after the automated email confirmation has been sent to you. If I do not have that exact time I will let you know another time that is close. I do prefer a direct email to schedule your appointment time personally as opposed to scheduling with the online booking system but please feel free to check it out.

My email address is:

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Cheryl Chakler Salon

3058 Pierce Street

San Francisco, CA 94123

p + 415.812.4262

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