Massages Duration Price
  • 30 Min Massage 30 minutes $40.00 Book Now
    This 30 min massage treatment is great for people on the go or specified target work.
  • 50 Min Massage 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    This massage will allow a therapist time to use a combination of massage techniques that can include swedish , deep tissue and active release techniques allowing an increase in circulation and a decrease in stress and pain.Each massage will be tailored to your individual needs.
  • 50 Min Prenatal Massage 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to relax and ease the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Our massage therapists have undergone the specialized training required to perform safe, comfortable and effective pregnancy massage.

    We do have a pregnancy cushion that can allow moms to comfortably and safely lay on their stomachs as well as inclining tables and side lying options.
  • 80 Min Massage 1 hour 30 minutes $90.00 Book Now
    The Complete Spa specialty includes a classic form of a full body massage with the inclusion of deep tissue and active release techniques to stimulate circulation and relax the body, providing a feeling of tranquility and heightened well being.
  • Reflexology 30 Mins 30 minutes $35.00 Book Now
    Balance and renew your body with this pressure point foot therapy.Also available in (4) session series at a discounted rate.
  • Reflexology Hour 1 hour $50.00 Book Now
    There are zones and reflexes on the the feet that correspond to specific areas of he boy.Your therapist will apply techniques using thumbs and finger pressure that will help to release congested energy in the boy, allowing renewed energy flow to balance and vitalize the body, mind and spirit.

    Also available in (4) session series at a discounted rate.
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