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90 day Total Body Transformation with Calvert

90-day Total Transformation Program with Calvert includes...

Brain Science-Based Approach:
Simple informative handouts & brain-retraining exercises to create new habits and instinctive behavior.

Masterful Coaching:
Elite-level support for the dietary & lifestyle changes you’re seeking (fitness, nutrition, self-care, relationships, money, etc.)!

12 Private Weekly Coaching Calls:
12 weekly by-phone coaching sessions with Calvert to create new rituals & habits, identify & overcome challenges, tweak your surroundings and set up your life for inevitable success. We will dig into a new aspect of the plan each week. We will drill down into old and new patterns & habits; breaking down the ones you don’t want, creating new rituals and behaviors that will help you get what you DO want. Powerful, experiential, re-programming here folks. LOVE IT!

Personal Support Database:
Your very own Transformation database where you can access all of your support materials & notes, your recipes & action guides, personal exercises and rituals to add to your Roadmap

EASY, delicious, body-loving, simple recipes (I’m a big fan of the “5 ingredients or less” approach, myself) shopping and eating out guides, restaurant swaps…

Exercise and Movement Menus:
Want to move your body but hate to run or can’t stand yoga? No problemo! We quickly identify LOTS of ways that you’ll love to connect with your body. You won’t need to make yourself move every day, but you’ll want to! Choose from your personalized list of activities to get your “glisten” on.

Transformation Tribe:
Engage directly with me, program “graduates” and others on this path. Contact Calvert and her other Transformation pals in our secret online group where I’ll be answering your questions and connecting you with others on their road to transformation. Get answers to questions , video and live Q&As to support you on your unique path
Free gifts and goodies
Personalized, healthy, “welcome gift” package to support your journey. Includes some of my favorites and a Personal Roadmap Workbook with personalized strategies you’ll explore as we move together into your brighter future
90-day Transformation Program with Calvert
12 one-on-one, private coaching calls
Multiple weekly guides and worksheets
90-day Personal Roadmap: a companion workbook and journal
Lifetime Transformation Tribe membership for ongoing support and guidance

: $2,997.00

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