Hair Care Duration Price
  • 00. DP: Salon Hair Care Service Reservation (Nonrefundable Deposit for Returning Clients) 2 hours 30 minutes $83.00 Book Now
    Thank you for choosing Body, Soul and Spirit Salon to help you achieve and maintain healthy hair.

    All appointment reservations require a non-refundable deposit. Please reserve your appointment with us by making this deposit, it will be applied toward the total cost for your salon service(s) at the time of your appointment.

    Upon receiving your reservation, we will contact you by the next business day to confirm your appointment and discuss the professional salon service(s) that you would like.

    Appointments requested without a paid deposit are not confirmed and will be cancelled. Confirmed appointments that are not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance are subject to a cancellation fee which is the amount of the nonrefundable deposit.

    Please note that this deposit does not include or apply to Trichology Consultation appointments.
  • 01a. CN:SIA: Hair/Scalp Scope Examination, Imaging & Analysis 45 minutes $79.00 Book Now
    Our camera microscopes and sensors help display magnified images of your scalp and hair. These powerful images assist in helping us determine the condition of your scalp and hair allowing us to make service and product recommendations to improve its condition.

    Here are additional benefits of using our examination, imaging and analysis service:
    Measure hair density and hair width.
    Compare areas of hair loss to normal areas.
    Compare hair density measurements over time to show slowing or stoppage of hair loss.
    Examine hair shaft and cuticle for physical and chemical damage such as split ends, breaks, bubbles due to heat damage, lifting of cuticle, thinning of cuticle, product build-up, cortex exposure.
    Document hair and scalp conditions and improvement.
    Maintain images for each client's file and follow-up comparisons.
    View hair follicle condition, such as sebum clogging, closed follicles, damaged follicles, dead skin and oil clogged follicles.
    Examine scalp for moisture content, oil content, dead skin, inflammations, dandruff, seborrhea, psoriasis.
    Determine oiliness or dryness of hair.
    Recognize chemical damage due to harsh products and overuse of products.
    Locate capillaries in scalp for proper circulation.
    Obtain visual evidence to confirm and reinforce a clinician's evaluation.
    Establish visual evidence of hair condition to make recommendations for products and services.
  • 04a. Groupon Special: XPress & Curl or Flat Iron 1 hour 30 minutes $99.00 Book Now
    Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp and the proper use of product recommendations. Receive expertise that will help your hair become healthy and more manageable with tips for putting together a better hair care regimen.

    This is a Basic Hair Care Treatment & Service which includes: Moisturizing & Conditioning Shampoo, Rinse Conditioner, Scalp Lubrication/Oiled (optional), Blow Dry, Thermal Straightening (Pressing Comb, Flat Iron, Silky Iron, Curling Iron, etc.) and Simple Hairstyling (Elaborate Hairstyling is considered an add-on service).

    ***This Special ONLY Applies To First-Time Clients On The First Appointment.***
  • 05a. Groupon Special: Haircut or Trim, Deep Condition & Hot Oil Treatment 1 hour 30 minutes $79.00 Book Now
    This is a Mini Hair Care Treatment & Service which is a NON-THERMAL STRAIGHTENING and NON-HAIRSTYLING service. This is an excellent deep conditioning hair care service to prepare your hair prior to, or after the removal of braids, weaves, and other hair attachments. It is also perfect for that every 90-Day trim of damaged hair ends or the major haircut you have been putting off since last year.

    This service includes: Moisturizing & Conditioning Shampoo, Deep Conditioner w/Hot Oil Treatment, Dry or Wet Scalp Treatment (optional), Scalp Lubrication/Oiled (optional), Blow Dry (optional) and Haircut or Trim.

    ***This Special ONLY Applies To First-Time Clients On The First Appointment.***
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