Consultation Duration Price
  • In Person Consultation 30 minutes $35.00 Book Now
    In person consultations allows me to conduct a hair and scalp analysis to prescribe your personal healthy hair care regimen that includes suggested treatments, in salon services, and products for you to use at home. In person consultations are a requirement to receive color and extensions services for 1st time clients. The deposit is applied towards any service booked at the time of consultation and is none refundable.
Hair Care Duration Price
  • BB Signature: Smoothing & Strengthening Treatment 2 hours 30 minutes $165.00 Book Now
    The Smoothing & Strengthening Treatment temporarily straighten your hair for up to 12 weeks using an exclusive nano-protein complex. It's the best relaxer alternative for those transitioning or 100% natural. You literally get the best of both worlds. The treatment prolongs the affects of heat styling as well as drastically reduced curl reversion. More manageability, less frizz, this is your answer!
  • Conditioning Treatment 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    I offer a wide range of treatments to improve the condition of your hair including; scalp, protein,moisture, and build up remover treatments. Treatment regimen’s are recommended during your in-person consultation and included in every First Time Client Package as well my Monthly Membership options. If you know that your hair is in need of a little extra TLC, add this to any hair service and I’ll take it from there.
Hair Color Duration Price
  • In Person Color Consultation 30 minutes $25.00 Book Now
    The first step to a new hue! In person color consults are required before booking any color services other than a retouch. We’ll discuss your previous color history as well as establish the best method to achieve your desired look. The $25 consulatation fee goes towards any service you book at the time of your consultation and is none refundable.
  • Retouch 1 hour 10 minutes $35.00 Book Now
Hair Extensions Duration Price
  • BB Signature: Sew-in 3 hours 25 minutes $175.00 Book Now
    The Brilliant Beauty Signature Natural Part Sew-in allows you to create a whole new look with bundle extensions. Bundles are securely stitched to a braided base with a fair amount of your hair left out to create an undectable installation.

    * Chameleon Premium Virgin Hair is my vendor of choice to create a flawless flat ironed or barrel (large) curl finish.
    * Purchase under the show tab
  • Boxed Braids 8 hours $185.00 Book Now
    Enjoy this care free and low maintenance braiding style to give yourself a new look. Meduim in size and mid back length is perfect for everyday versatility.

    *Braiding services require you to arrive to your appointment with hair shampoo'd and blow dried.
  • Crotchet Braids 3 hours $125.00 Book Now
    Protective style made simple. Crotchet Braids allows for a quick and easy hair transformation with endless texture possibilities.
    Schedule consultation to discuss details.
  • Crotchet Goddess Locs w/ Single Perimeter 5 hours $175.00 Book Now
    Both the crotchet and individual faux loc method are used to create this minimuim maintanance style that will last for weeks while protecting your hair from excessive damage.

    The Curl Refinery is our vendor of choice. Hair can be purchased at
  • Full Sew-in Instillation 3 hours $225.00 Book Now
    Create a new style by protecting your hair with a Full Sew-in that can be achieved with very minimum leave out or closure method of choice.. Service includes instillation & basic finish.

    *Closure plucking and bleached knots included when bundles are purchased from our Chameleon Premium Hair Collection

    *Premium hair can be purchased from our"Shop" tab.
  • Goddess Locs 8 hours $225.00 Book Now
  • Sew-in Maintenance 2 hours $75.00 Book Now
    Revitalize your Sew-in Weave Installation by receiving a shampoo, conditioning, re-tightening, & basic finish.
Hair Styling Duration Price
  • BB Signature: Curl Perfection 2 hours 15 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    If your hair needs a dose of essential moisture and you want soft, frizz-free curls, you’ve picked the right service! Using only sulfate, paraben, & silicone free products to deliver ultimate hydration, the curl perfection service will have you loving your curls again! Consider the a "wash n go" on steroids. *Flat twist out is an alternative option.
  • BB Signature: Shampoo & Style 1 hour 30 minutes $60.00 Book Now
    The Brilliant Beauty Signature Shampoo and Style service offers sulfate free and keratin infused products to reduce breakage, shedding, and improve the overall health of your hair with a weightless finish.
  • BB Signature: Silk Press 1 hour 35 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    Temporarily straighten your natural coils and curls into sleek tresses until your next shampoo with my #1 booked service.
Haircuts Duration Price
  • Hair Sculpting 30 minutes $32.00 Book Now
    The hair sculpting service will leave your hair perfectly blended with precision. Going for the big chop, layers, or just a much needed cut, select this service as an add-on and you’ll be good to go!
  • Trim 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    Trigger your hair growth and stop damage in its track with a precise trim. A trim can only be booked with styling services and not as a solo appointment.
Packages Duration Price
  • Best Damn Silk Press 2 hours 45 minutes $135.00 Book Now
    Specially curated for the Natural who wants to temporarily transform her coily mane to sleek tresses. With a complete scalp, strand, and texture analysis, you will receive the treatment(s) necessary to bring your hair to life. The Best Damn Silk Press will leave your hair perfectly sculpted and weightless with no signs of split or damaged ends. To get all of your "good ole relaxer" feel back, book The Best Damn Silk Press.

    *The silk press can be substituted with a touch-up for relaxed clients.
  • DevaCurl Transformation 3 hours 10 minutes $120.00 Book Now
    Every coil has it's own agenda and the Deva Curl Transformation is here to help tame them. Let's face it, frizz happens but it doesn't have to happen to you. This transformation service starts with removing any product build-up accumulated from the infamous YouTube concoctions and replacing them with proper moisture treatment beneficial for your hair texture. You will leave with soft coils, curls, or waves set to perfection that will make people ask, "Can I touch your hair?"
  • Signature Sew-in 4 hours 5 minutes $260.00 Book Now
    It's not considered a protective style if you have nothing to protect. Even with your selection of extension instillation services, I make sure your scalp and hair are well taken care of. You choose between a natural part or closure piece to finish your look and style. Starting with a stimulating shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, your hair is then blow dried & trimmed while your scalp is protected from excessive dryness. The Brilliant Beauty Signature Sew-in is a game changer for those looking to keep their instillation for up to two months!

    Chameleon Premium Hair Co. is our Virgin hair retailer of choice and can be purchased here:
  • The Perfect Transition 3 hours 25 minutes $225.00 Book Now
    Maybe the "Big Chop" is not for you or you are looking for a chemical free way to straighten your hair, well the Perfect Transition service provides just that! Accompanied by a 3 part scalp treatment and hair sculpting, I use an exclusive nano- protein complex to penetrate your hair to temporarily suspend its textural memory leaving each strand smooth and sleek without the use of harmful formaldehyde's. This process allows you to go natural on your own terms while your hair becomes more manageable and reducing styling time for up to 12 weeks. Go ahead and ditch the "creamy crack" with this relaxer alternative package
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