Consultation Duration Price
  • In Person Consultation 30 minutes $25.00 Book Now

    In person consultations allows me do preform a hair and scalp analysis to prescribe your personal healthy hair care regimen that includes suggested treatments, services, and products for you to use at home. In person consultations are a requirement to receive color and extensions services for 1st time clients. The $25 deposit goes towards any service you book at the time of your consultation and is none refundable.
Hair Care Duration Price
  • BB Signature: Relaxer Touch-up 1 hour 45 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    Take control of your roots with a touch-up relaxer for up to 2 inches of new growth. Our Signature Touch-up Relaxer service will leave your hair sleek and straight with a refreshingly clean scalp and deep conditioned strands.
  • BB Signature: Smoothing & Strengthening Treatment 2 hours $150.00 Book Now
    Whether you are transitioning or natural the Amino Acid Infused Treatment will leave your hair more manageable, healthy, and smooth for up to 4 months. Our treatment allows for the ultimate "Natural Girl" versatility! You can choose to wear your hair straight or curly. Blow drying and flat ironing time is cut in half and managing your natural hair becomes a breeze! Beat this Florida heat with the best relaxer alternative.

    *Check out our Amino Acid Package Deal to add the products you'll need for at home maintenance
  • Come Clean Build Up Removal Treatment 25 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    If your hair has lost its mojo due to buildup from products, hard water, or environmental stressors, this rinse-out cleansing serum will bring all curl types back to life by gently removing dirt and built up from your hair and scalp.
  • Moisture Melt Treatment 40 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    If you have wavy, curly or super curly hair and your texture is prone to extreme dryness, then this mask is for you!
  • Repair Treatment 40 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    If you have wavy, curly or super curly hair and heat styling, chemical treatments or not-so-gentle detangling have done a number on your curls, then this strengthening mask is for you!
  • Treatment ~Keratriplex 40 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    Restore your moisture & protein balance with our Royal Hair Treatment using Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex 2 part Treatment. This treatment is proven to reduce breakage up to 80% and prevents color fading up to 67%. Suggested in-between relaxer touch-up's, color services, or every 6 to 8 weeks for natural hair. Book Now, Thank me later!
  • Virgin Relaxer 2 hours 10 minutes $100.00 Book Now
    Permanently change the texture of your hair with our Virgin Relaxer service that will leave your hair more manageable and straight. Service includes relaxer, deep conditioning treatment, & trim
  • Wash & Blow (Natural Hair) 1 hour 30 minutes $45.00 Book Now
    Wash & Blow is a promotional, limited time offer to receive the Brilliant Beauty Signature Silk Press for $45.
    * Can not be combined with any other offer
Hair Color Duration Price
  • Full Head Highlights 1 hour 20 minutes $80.00 Book Now
    Brighten up your day with a full head of highlights strategically placed to add color and texture. All permanent coloring services includes a deep conditioning protein or moisture treatment to prevent breakage and damage.
  • Partial Highlights 1 hour 10 minutes $45.00 Book Now
Hair Extensions Duration Price
  • BB Signature: Sew-in 3 hours 25 minutes $165.00 Book Now
    Our Brilliant Beauty Signature Natural Part Sew-in provides a securely braided base, weaving net (optional), with a fair amount of your natural hair left out to create your part. Using our 2.5 to 3 bundles of our Premium Virgin Hair to create a flawless flat ironed or barrel (large) curl finish. *Hair sold separately

    *Cut and wand curls not included in price but can be booked separately.

  • Boxed Braids 8 hours $175.00 Book Now
    Enjoy this care free and low maintenance braiding style to give yourself a new look. Meduim in size and mid back length is perfect for everyday versatility.

    *Hair must be properly shampoo'ed, conditioned, & blow dried when arriving to scheduled appointment.
  • Crotchet Goddess Locs w/ Single Perimeter 4 hours $150.00 Book Now
    The Crotchet Goddess Locs are apart of my Summer Time Services that is the newest On Trend protective style around. The pre-twisted goddess locs and individually locs edges makes for ultimate versatility with styling.

    Pre- twisted locs can be purchased at
  • Crotchets 2 hours 30 minutes $100.00 Book Now
    Our Crotchet Braids allows for a quick and easy hair transformation with endless texture possibilities. Whether you want to have curly hair or braids, this is the perfect option to save on time and money.
  • Full Sew-in Instillation 3 hours $200.00 Book Now
    Create a new style by protecting your hair with a Full Sew-in that can be achieved with very minimum leave out or closure method of choice.. Service includes instillation & basic finish.

    *Service does not include curls or cut and must be booked separate.

    *Premium hair can be purchased from our"Shop" tab.

    *In Person Consultation recommended to ensure proper pricing
  • Quick Weave 2 hours $75.00 Book Now
  • Sew-in Maintenance 2 hours $75.00 Book Now
    Revitalize your Sew-in Weave Installation by receiving a shampoo, conditioning, re-tightening, & basic finish.
Hair Styling Duration Price
  • BB Signature: DevaCurl Transformation 2 hours $60.00 Book Now
    If your hair needs a dose of essential moisture and you want soft, frizz-free curls, you’ve picked the right service! Using only sulfate, paraben, & silicone free products to deliver ultimate hydration the curl transformation will have you loving your curls again!
  • BB Signature: Shampoo & Style 1 hour 30 minutes $55.00 Book Now
    Upgrade from basic to BRILLIANT! This service offers sulfate free and keratin infused products to reduce breakage, shedding, and improve the overall health of your hair with a weightless finish.
  • BB Signature: Silk Press 1 hour 35 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    Tame frizz and fight humidity with our Brilliant Beauty Signature Silk Press. Temporarily straighten your coils into sleek tresses until your next shampoo. Great for natural, or natural transitioning hair.
  • Wash & Blow (Relaxed Hair) 1 hour 30 minutes $35.00 Book Now
    Wash & Blow is a promotional, limited time offer to receive the Brilliant Beauty Signature Shampoo and Style for $35.
    *Can not be combined with any other offer
Haircuts Duration Price
  • Hair Sculpting 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • Trim 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    Not your average trim! Trimming your ends are more than trimming across the bottom because all of your hair is not one length. Our Trim will leave every strand of your hair free from dry, dead, or split ends.
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