New:    Moms Express Haircuts $32, no wash/dry 30 minute service

              Save $5 on a kids cut before 2:30, call to book a Happy Hour cut m,tue,thur

                          *****Please Read Before booking online appointments****

  • Always use your Childs name , not the parents, include the month and year they were born for proper chair assignment (booster or big kid)

  • Please do a LICE CHECK before you arrive, if we run across lice we have a $10 service fee and we will will not be able to complete your cut.

How to request your favorite stylist: we reserve the right to move your haircut to another stylist unless you choose the correct service.

                            1 HAIRCUT select: "Request this stylist H/C"

                            2 SIBLING HAIRCUTS select: "2 kids haircuts, request this stylist", include kids names in the notes.

  •  For changes, cancellations or help call the salon directly 425.883.1006

Thank you for scheduling with us, we look forward to your visit.

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