New Client Therapeutic/Medical Rehabilitative Session By R.N.or Specialist - 90 Minute

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New Client RN/Specialist Medical Rehabilitative Session- 90 Minute

Valid: Sep 24, 2015 - Sep 24, 2025
Therapeutic Treatment by R.N or Specialist. This results-oriented therapy will be fully customized to your specific needs. Treatment may include evaluation, Core Strength, Joint Health, Stretch/Strengthen, Healing Bodywork, Customized Massage Treatment, Hot Rocks, and more. Bring us your pain, get your life back. Your body will thank you! New clients only. $250 (regularly $375). $125 discount applied at checkout.
New Client RN/Specialist Medical Rehabilitative Session- 90 Minute
R.N./Specialist Medical Rehabilitative Session is customized to your needs and is for more complicated body issues requiring the specialized knowledge of a registered nurse or other medical specialist such as chronic illness or pain, joint issues, medication and symptom review, disease process, or injury review, failed physical therapy, failed surgery, pre and post-operative or hospitalization care, or accident cases.We also treat the elderly and can address complicated cases, coma care, bedridden clients, paraplegia, quadriplegia, stroke, de-conditioning and aging mobility issues. Nutrition, energy and gut issues are also addressed.Multiple modalities are used to address the root cause of your pain or dysfunction.R.N. is able to manage your case and communicate with other medical professionals on your behalf.
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