Baire Hair Removal NYC


(For easiest booking on your phone or tablet, download our app called "Baire")

In your online account, you can book appointments, check your past visits, and see your account details.  For treatment services, you have two ways to book your first appointment:

1)  For waxing and threading - you can book your appointment right away.  Go to "Book Online" tab.  Pick a time, service, and even a preferred HRS (Hair Removal Specialist). 

2)  For IPL Laser services - we offer a free test patch.  Go to "Book Online" tab and Pick FREE Assessment & Test Patch IPL service

This will help us decide if IPL treatment may be a safe and effective option for your hair removal plan.  Even if you have had traditional laser or IPL treatment elsewhere, we need to do an assessment and test patch in each area.  Each person and each area is different based your goals, medical conditions, skin and hair type.  ***This option is recommended for all clients for their first visit.***

Please call or email if you have any questions!  We're happy to answer questions about NYC Hair Removal and help you pick the best service for your needs.  646.462.3235

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