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  • 2017 Anniversary Performance Showcase - $149.00/OneTime - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    One Time Payment:$149.00

    Memberships are non-refundable. This is a multi-week series. The participants have opportunities to learn 3 pieces to perform at the ending showcase. It is at the dancers discretion if they want to learn all of the pieces as well as if they wish to perform. There will be a pole piece, chair/ strip tease piece and wild card piece. Rehearsal days are Sundays 1-3pm & Thursdays 7:30-9pm. Performance Workshop is a unique program that gives dancers the opportunity to experience the process of creating and performing a production routine. The sessions are led by Atomic Allure Instructors. The workshop concludes with a live performance in front of family and friends at various venues (venue disclosed with each workshop). The 5 week series performance is an in studio performance and or off location. Dancers will be challenged to retain choreography, learn staging, build stamina, build strength, learn various styles of dance and build confidence and character as well as improve stage performance skills.Non- Refundable- Can not be combined with any other promotions or memberships.

  • Allure Active - $69.00/Monthly - $69.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$138.00
    Recurring Payment:$69.00

    The Allure Active membership requires a 6 month commitment and first and last month payment at sign up. With this membership you are able to attend any 2 classes weekly.

  • Atomic Annual Unlimited - $799.99/OneTime - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    One Time Payment:$799.99

    Want to get the best deal for the year!? Stay active and motivated all year long with our annual membership! This membership allows you unlimited access to all our classes, Femme Fatale Events and discounts on merchandise all year long The membership expires one year from the purchase date.

  • Atomic Princess Unlimited - $99.00/Monthly - $99.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$198.00
    Recurring Payment:$99.00

    The Princess Unlimited Package gives you unlimited class access to both Oakland and Livermore locations. Additional perks include a one free guest pass to use each month for a friend. Free entry to all our monthly Femme Fatale Events and 10% off all retail products.

  • Bombshell Bootcamp - $179.00/OneTime - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    One Time Payment:$179.00

    Starts January 21st (Runs 6 weeks, ends 2/25/17) Monday- Friday 12-1pm *Pole Werkout Monday & Wednesday 6:15-7pm *Booty Barre Burn Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:30pm *Weight Werk Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm *Pole Werkout 7:30-8:30pm *Pole Jams Saturday 11am Werkout Bombshell Bootcamp Includes: Small Group Training Weekly Progress Photos Meal Plan Supplement Discounts At Home Workouts Are you ready to experience a boot camp like no other? Our main goal is to provide you with a jump start in living a happier and healthier lifestyle. We've partnered traditional workout methods with innovative and fun vertical fitness, dance and yoga practices to bring you the ultimate full body workout. 

  • Competition Choreography - $400.00/OneTime - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    One Time Payment:$400.00

    Just need help with choreography for your competition or upcoming performance? We will choreography a piece for you! In each session you will focus on learning and perfecting your custom piece. All levels available.

  • Competition Group Training - $200.00/OneTime - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    One Time Payment:$200.00

    Conditioning, Tricks and Transitions, Advisement- paperwork, regulations, attire, costumes. Mock Run through with feedback (Perform your piece and we will give critics on what needs improvement and what elements you show focus on). Submission- We will shoot and or create any videos, head shots, pole photos, resume or bio needed for competition submission. 30% Discount on Competition Studio Gear

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