Sat, Dec 20, 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Life-Death-Reincarnation, Soul Lessons & Forgiveness Special Event
with Jack Rosen
210.00 minutes
“Life is continuous and infinite.” —Cayce Reading 1154-2 “Ye as a soul-entity in the beginning sought companionship with GOD;losing that companionship by choice...” —Cayce Reading 3465-1 Why were we born? What is my purpose in life? Is there a RIGHT way to live? What do Love and Forgiveness have to do with soul lessons and reincarnation? How do souls lose through anger, fear and, according to Edgar Cayce, the only sin of man, selfishness. Recommended reading: Nosso Lar by Chico Xavier, Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man by Lytle W. Robinson
About the teacher
Jack Rosen has been studying the Edgar Cayce material for almost fifty years. He is a volunteer at the center and gives workshops on the Edgar Cayce philosophy and the remedies. He is a member of the ARE of NY Board of Trustees. He has given workshops at The Learning Annex, The Wainwright House and been on numerous cable television shows and radio programs. He now only presents at the NY ARE Center. 

Saturday, December 20 at 1:00 pm
Fri, Dec 26, 7:15 PM - 9:15 PM
Introduction to Bioenergy Healing - QiGong Healing Special Event
with Anton Baraschi
120.00 minutes
Come Join me for an exciting introduction to the field of BioEnergy.This program can be taken individually or as a full program. The class consists of group introduction, main topic, bioenergy exercises, meditation or visualization, interactive participation, questions and answers and ends with a bioenergy (qigong) group healing. Topics for each class: Oct 10: What is bioenergy; history of healing; modalities of bioenergy healing; how does bioenergy healing work, exercises, meditations; demonstrations using volunteers from the audience; practice among pairs of students. Question and answer period. Oct 17: The human energy field; auras and chakras; various schools; connection of chakras and pathology; psychosomatic links from the bioenergy healing point if view; exercises, meditations, visualizations; demonstrations using volunteers from the audience(sensing the human field, sensing chakras and comparing hand perception with pendulum) group healing for class; conclusion. Oct 24: Scanning the human energy field; perception of disturbances; corroboration with medical diagnosis; corroboration with medical professionals and other practitioners; various divination modalities; consulting cosmic intelligence (kinesiology, pendulum, other devices, mediumship and oracles. meditations, visualizations, exercises; demonstration using volunteers from audience; practice among pairs of students; questions and answers of class topics; class group healing for one participant; group healing for class. Oct 31: Connecting to Source; prayers, mantras, symbols and visualizations; Examples and practice; best uses of bioenergy for chronic condition alleviation, pain reduction and spiritual development; demonstration using volunteers from audience; practice among pairs of students; questions and answers re class topics; class group healing for one or more participants;group healing for class.
About the teacher
Anton Baraschi is a bioenergy specialist, teaching and practicing bioenergy healing (aka medical qigong) in Manhattan, with a focus on integrating multiple bioenergy healing modalities in supporting the work of medical professionals. Bioenergy healing stimulates a person’s own immune system with emphasis on the condition diagnosed by the doctor. Bioenergy healing is considered helpful on alleviating pain, chronic conditions and symptoms without a particular diagnostic, and for spiritual development.

Friday, December 26 at 7:15 pm
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