Dance Duration Price
  • Hip-hop Dance 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Watch your hour fly by during this full-body workout that employs the Focus Point Method to create a core-centric dance class. Melt the calories and stress away to a great mix of today's hottest hip-hop and pop songs!
Education Duration Price
  • Explore ASEA 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    Come discover a remarkable breakthrough in health science, and how the biotech company behind it is opening a line of distribution right here in Cocoa! You are invited to learn about the science of ASEA - the world’s only Redox Signaling supplement.

    We are proud to host MC Beeby, an ASEA executive and competitive senior tennis player from Helena, Montana. She will share ASEA’s role in her amazing recovery from a devastating illness that nearly ended her lifelong passion for tennis. MC and her husband Leroy will also discuss the opportunity they saw in introducing ASEA to their friends in Montana and to people around the globe.

    Come learn how ASEA can improve your health, and how you can benefit from joining the growing network of people sharing this incredible technology with others in our community.

    There are two opportunities to hear MC & Leroy:
    12:00-1:00pm on Tuesday, June 20 (Light lunch served)
    7:00-8:00pm on Wednesday, June 21 (Dessert will be served)

    A Lifetime of Fitness 657 Brevard Ave Cocoa Village.

    Due to limited seating, tickets to this event will be required.
Fitness Duration Price
  • ABsoGLUTEly! 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Fun interval training combined with strength training with focus on abs and glutes. Modifications for all fitness levels, but regular attendance suggested for best results.
  • Master Class 2 hours $10.00 Book Now
    Join us for our Master Class, featuring a modified length rotation of classes offered at A Lifetime of Fitness.

    Please bring a towel, yoga mat (if you want your own) and water.
  • Power Sculpt 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    A strength training and cardio class designed to strengthen and lengthen your entire body while burning tons of calories.
  • Sports' Conditioning 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Fun interval training combined with strength training. Each week is a different workout, so you won't get bored.We use compound exercises, cardio, and partner exercises to challenge you, build muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance.
  • Strength Training Class (beginner to intermediate) 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Fun interval training combined with strength and resistance training. Modifications for all fitness levels, but regular attendance is suggested for best results.

    We use compound exercises, cardio, and partner exercises to challenge you, build muscle, strengthen bones and increase cardiovascular endurance.

    This class encompasses full body exercises, always including core strengthening.

    Don’t know where to begin? Start here!
  • Zumba ® 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    A fun Latin Dance inspired fitness class with exciting music and rhythms. Be ready to sweat and have a blast! All levels welcome.
Martial Arts Duration Price
  • Tai Chi 1 hour 15 minutes $10.00 Book Now
    Tai Chi is both an exercise program and an internal martial art. This class will focus primarily on the exercise benefits, using slow but continuous moving postures to increase balance, body awareness, strengthen the muscles of the core and lower body and improve breathing and relaxation.
Yoga Duration Price
  • Ashtanga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    This practice is designed to cleanse the internal organs of the body and purify through prevention of the accumulation of waste products. These poses improve circulation and promote a lighter and stronger body. Come flow and grow, calming the mind and healing the body.
  • Chair Yoga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Chair Yoga, which is Yoga in the Chair, this accommodates those who have limitation, post or pre-surgeries, balance limitations, those in a wheelchair or who use a walker are welcome.Please note only 12 chairs so please sign up, please bring a mat for use under the chair.
  • Core Flow Yoga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Core Flow includes standing, balancing, and floor postures. Designed to target the abdominal and spinal muscles. This flow class will strengthen the entire body while increasing stamina and flexibility.
  • Happy Hatha Yoga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Suitable for all levels. Our emphasis will be placed on core strength, flexibility and balance, as well as concentration and breath control.
  • Hatha 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Suitable for all levels. Our emphasis will be placed on core strength, flexibility and balance, as well as concentration and breath control.
  • Hatha Flow 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Hatha Flow is a nourishing yoga class that starts with a warm up sequence, followed bya series of poses linking breath and movement, resulting in a meditative flow. Finally, a restorative finish which allows the body to rest and renew.
  • Introductory Yoga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    An introduction to yoga for beginners.Come to learn and play in a supportive environment.We will work at a slower pace and develop a solid foundation.You don't need to be able to touch your toes, you just have to be willing to try!
  • iRest® Yoga Nidra Workshop 2 hours $45.00 Book Now
    iRest is a powerful, research-based practice of profound relaxation and meditation.Clinical research has shown that iRest practice effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain while increasing health, resiliency and well-being. 
Workshop includes tea/coffee, juice and snacks: $45.00 - $25.00 with military ID
  • Motivated Monday Yoga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Motivated Monday Yoga will intel a gentle yoga class incorporating broken down postures in a vinyasa class.This will stimulate the internal organs with breath and strengthen the body.Focus on honoring the breath in and out of each posture which will have modified variations as well as full postures.This class is for all levels, postures will vary. Make sure to bring a mat and water.
  • Soul Yoga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    A steady-paced flow designed to rejuvenate, inspire, and provide full-body toning.
  • Sunrise Yoga 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Sunrise Yoga which is an Ashtanga based class, introducing the Ashtanga primary series and able to modify the postures.Please bring a mat, water, and a towel.
  • Surrender and Stretch 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    This is a Yin based class where postures may be held for 2 minutes.This is not an active class, meaning dynamic, static stretches to release traumas the body has held onto for years. Class is for all levels. Please bring a mat, water, and a towel.
  • Yoga - Multi-level 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    Yoga:a multi-level level class guiding students through proper alignment and breath, exploring a wide range of yoga postures, gaining flexibility, core strength, balance and focus.
  • Yoga - Vinyasa 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    ALL LEVELS YOGA: An excellent yoga experience! Learn how to align the body with the breath while sequencing yoga poses together. This flow invigorates the body, strengthens the muscles, and increases flexibility.
  • Yoga - Yin 1 hour 15 minutes $10.00 Book Now
    YIN YOGA: A quiet practice with an emphasis on the hips and spine. Through muscle relaxation, yin yoga promotes the healthy flow of energy in the body through the connective tissue. Postures are held for longer periods. This restorative yoga practice is a wonderful complement to a more vigorous yoga practice, running, cycling, or other more active pursuits.
  • Yoga - Yin (60 min) 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    YIN YOGA: A restorative practice where postures are held for a length of time. While remaining on the floor, the practice is supported through the use of blankets, blocks, and bolsters. A great class for gaining flexibility, recover from injury, and compliment other sports and fitness activities.
  • Yoga - Yin and Yang 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    This yin and yang class combines an all level vinyasa flow along with a floor series of traditional yin postures. Enjoy the benefits of an energizing, strength building vinyasa (yang) flow while also allowing your body to melt into the more passive, longer held stretches of yin yoga.This hour-long practice will help develop a deeper awareness of the body while balancing the dynamics of building strength and cultivating mindful attention to breath.
  • Yoga Flow 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
    A slow morning flow with a focus on linking the breath and the movement, opening the hips, relieving tension throughout the back, neck and shoulders, and building core strength. Offering posture modifications, the class welcomes all levels of yoga practitioners.
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