Fitness Duration Price
  • Spring Forward To Fitness Fun 1 hour $10.00 Book Now
Hair Care Duration Price
  • Consultation 20 minutes $35.00 Book Now

    Are you a new client? Revisiting client? Welcome!

    At this time we will take our time to listen to any cares, concerns and/or goals that you may have in relation to your hair.

    We will start by asking you some questions pertaining to your hair regimen and expectations. This will help us in determining the appropriate maintenance level.


    *As we create, we educate. We will chose the best style that compliments your face, hair & texture. We pride ourselves in being informative.

    BEAUTY IS CONFIDENCE! You already have it, now show the world.
  • TREATMENT/ Cocktail Mix 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    Customized Treatment, which combines a balance of our signature scalp therapy targeted to revitalize the scalp and formulated amino acids to help strengthen those tresses
  • TREATMENT/ Custom Conditioning 20 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE! Prevents Dryness & Brittleness.
    Essential to maintaining well balanced healthy hair

    ONE DOES NOT FIT the world of hair care. So we offer a customized mix to you suit your haircare needs.

    Is your hair Dry? Brittle? Weak? lacks lusture?
    Talk it over with your stylist!
  • TREATMENT/Keratin treatment 2 hours 30 minutes $250.00 Book Now
    *Without the use of chemicals, we take your natural tresses to a Soft, Manageable, Silky and bouncy texture, all in one while, eliminating frizz.

    *Great for transitioning clients and or clients that would like to Eliminate Frizz and swelling that may come along with your tresses.

    Works well while giving the hair a light, silky feel lasting up to 6 months.Also provides internal strength within the bonds of the hair leaving your hair strong for any color process to come.

    The keratin treatment will not compromise the integrity of your hair nor compromise or break down the bonds of your cuticle of the hair. Try it!!


    For added benefits may be used in combination with the Olaplex Treatment.***ASK YOUR STYLIST

    *NOTE price may vary depending on the need of each client
  • TREATMENT/Reconstructive 20 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    * Provides Clients a balance of both moisture and protein.

    (depending on each clients need)
    Provides the best of both worlds!
    Moisture will give hair it s pliability and protein will help to strengthen hair plus give an added luster
  • TREATMENT/Scalp Therapy 25 minutes $25.00 Book Now
    Medicated Scalp Revitalizer
    *IDEAL for the client with over exaggerated dry scalp

    The best thing ever! Try this before going to your dermatologist. Rid yourself of dry, itchy, patchy/falky scales.
Hair Color Duration Price
  • PERMANENT COLOR/Creative Color 1 hour 5 minutes $70.00 Book Now
    A customized color option which focuses on enhancing clients features yet also maintaining a healthy balance to the hair
    Utilizing creative techniques consisting of 4-6 foils of high lights and/or low lights
    ***Service may be combined with same day relaxing process
    ***Note: Price will vary depending on individual process
  • PERMANENT COLOR/Single Process Color 1 hour 45 minutes $85.00 Book Now
    $15 each additional tube used
    ***Price does not reflect service charge, service not include
    ***Additional Booking required for corresponding service
  • PERMANENT COLOR/Single Process Color w/set or w/b/c 2 hours 35 minutes $140.00 Book Now
    ***Receive your Color enhancement today using techniques designed to take your hair 3-4 levels lighter.

    ***This Coloring process is inclusive of W/set and/or Blow Curl

    *A consultation will be given for all high-lift coloring services and will result in a surcharge

    *Your stylist will recommend a conditioning treatment along with this service which may result in an additional fee. This is to maintain your hair s moisture balance, integrity and strength.

  • RINSE 30 minutes $18.00 Book Now
    *Temporary coloring, Best when given along with a chemical service
  • SEMI-PERMANENT COLOR/Demi-Toner 30 minutes $35.00 Book Now
    Ideal for clients who want color without the risk.

    Provides great coverage, minimal lift and no obligation

    ***Great benefit is that this color process can also be given along with a relaxer service

    Note*There is an upcharge for this services depending on clients need
Hair Extensions Duration Price
  • CUSTOM UNIT | Closure | 5 minutes $330.00 Book Now
  • CUSTOM UNIT | Lace Frontal | 5 minutes $350.00 Book Now
Hair Styling Duration Price
  • STYLING/Short, Chic, and Sassy (includes our signature leave in conditioner) 2 hours 30 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    Includes our signature WAVE sculpting and molding techniques used to create and add style by way of design with a flow of soft waves and curls
  • TEXTURED STYLING/Flat iron Natural Tresses 1 hour 15 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    *Provides your natural hair with a straight, silky, frizz free flow by utilizing a ceramic flat iron with adjustable heat settings. This method of straightening will protect the hair from over heating thus keeping your hair well balanced in moisture.

    Inclusive of our Speciaty Tea Tree shampoo followed by our Tea Tree conditioner which stimulates circulation, while you enjoy an invigorating tingle (heat free) relaxation, leaving the hair & scalp looking and feeling refreshed and healthy!

  • TEXTURED STYLING/Natural Styling 3 hours 15 minutes $85.00 Book Now
    Natural Styling from Locs, retwist, Bantu knots, two-strand twist, ponytails, cornrows and more!

    Inclusive of our Speciaty Tea Tree shampoo followed by our Tea Tree conditioner which stimulates circulation, while you enjoy an invigorating tingle (heat free) relaxation, leaving the hair & scalp looking and feeling refreshed and healthy!

    ***Consult with your stylist as prices may vary
  • TEXTURED STYLING/Silk Press 1 hour 45 minutes $125.00 Book Now
    *The Ultimate Scalp and Hair Therapy included in service, recieve our signature tea tree hair and scalp treatment combined with our signature protien treatment

    *Recieve the ultimate hair shaping, freeing your hair from any dead weight

    *Taking your natural tresses to another level of your hair strength while also leaving your hair soft, shiny, silky, manageable and bouncy all at the same time.
  • Upsweep turned Updo for any occasion 1 hour 15 minutes $85.00 Book Now
    Elegant hair made simple!
  • Wash n Set-on the go 2 hours 5 minutes $45.00 Book Now
  • Wash/blow/curl 1 hour $55.00 Book Now
  • Wash/mold/Curl 1 hour 30 minutes $55.00 Book Now
Haircuts Duration Price
  • HAIR CUT 30 minutes $55.00 Book Now
  • HAIR CUT/Clipper cutt/ w shampoo 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
  • HAIR CUT/Trim 15 minutes $25.00 Book Now

    *PROPER TRIMMING, starts with identifying your split ends...

    *How will you know when you are in need, great question?

    *THE TEST:Comb your hair upward toward the ceiling,. When done right starting from the base of the scalp your hair will start out with a thickness and fully dense.As you approach bringing your hands upward you will notice that your hair will start to appear thin then thinner.

    *Does this sound like you?

    *Unhealthy hair will be lifeless, body-less, and you will be able to see right through those ends....BRING YOUR HAIR BACK TO LIFE, with the proper shaping remove all that unhealthy dead weight.

Salon Duration Price
  • INSTALL-Wash/blow curl 3 hours 10 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    Yes...your scalp needs to breathe underneath those tresses.

    Indulge In the ultimate relaxing, revitalizing shampoo experience of your life!

    Let us renew your scalp with our signature Tea Tree shampoo!
  • MIZANI RELAXER RETOUCH 40 minutes $60.00 Book Now
Packages Duration Price
  • Mizani Relaxer Retouch/Wash and Set/Demi Coloring/Trim 3 hours 30 minutes $140.00 Book Now
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