We value your opinion at Lash Bash and would like to use this opportunity to gather feedback about what you love about Lash Bash and what you would like us to improve. All surveys are anonymous and confidential. 

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to answer. Your opinion is very valuable to us so that we can offer you a beauty experience of optimal quality. We thank you in advance for your time.

How Often Do you Visit Lash Bash?

How did you first hear of Lash Bash?

For our clients that regularly receive Classic lashes-what Service do you typically receive at Lash Bash? (for Volume lash clients please answer next question)

For our clients that regularly receive Volume lashes-what Service do you typically receive at Lash Bash?

On a scale of 1-5 how happy are you with the quality of service you receive at Lash Bash? (1 Extremely Disappointed - 5 Very Happy)
On a scale of 1-5 do you feel we consistently meet your expectations? (1 Expectations are never met-5 Expectations are consistently met)
When you arrive to the salon do you consistently feel welcomed and warmly greeted?
Do you like the music played at Lash Bash?

Do you feel your lash artist consistently meets your needs? (1 No my needs aren't met- 5 They consistently meet my needs)
Does your scheduled appointment regularly start on time?

Is it easy and convenient to make new bookings at Lash Bash? (1- It is not easy and convenient -5 It is very easy and convenient)
Did you think the price you paid for your initial full set of lash extensions was....

Do you think the price you pay for refills is....

For our clients that are NOT enrolled in the lash membership program. Why are you not enrolled in the Lash Bash Refill Club?

Are there additional services you wish we provided at Lash Bash? If so please comment below.
Have you ever purchased an after-care product at Lash Bash?

Please rate our Lash Bash Pre & Post Appointment Communications (includes automated emails and newsletters) to you. * (does not include communications directly with your Lash Artist)

Please rate the cleanliness of Lash Bash (1- Not Clean - 5 Very Clean)
How do you book your follow-up refill appointments?

Do you text your lash artist directly?

How many times in the past 2 months has your lash artist rescheduled your appointment (includes moving to a different day and/or moving times on same day)?

How could we improve your experience at Lash Bash?
How many people have you directly referred to Lash Bash (that received a service)?

Are our hours and days of operation convenient?

If the answer to the above question is no please let us know what days and/or hours would be convenient for you?
Would you like us to have a loyalty program?

Where would you like to see another Lash Bash location? (in the local area? mainline? LA? We want to hear your thoughts!)