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  • full body cryotherapy - $249.00/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$249.00
    Recurring Payment:$249.00

    daily use of full body cryotherapy during regular business hours. membership may not be shared.

  • monthly float - $44.00/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - can be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$44.00
    Recurring Payment:$44.00

    enjoy a monthly float at a discounted rate. membership auto renews monthly. a minimum of three months is required for this membership, after which membership can be canceled. additional floats can be purchased at the monthly price. unused floats roll over each month. this membership is not shareable. one free salt lounge is earned per every 3 months of membership accrued

  • Monthly Salt Lounge - $99.00/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$99.00
    Recurring Payment:$99.00

    daily use of salt lounge during regular hours of operation. individual use only. bring a friend 2xs/month for free

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