Mon, Sep 14, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Coconuts With Mary Angel Special Event
with Mary Angel Blount
90.00 minutes
If you’re looking to commit to your creativity by digging deep, Coconuts is the course for you! Coconuts incorporates elements of Julia Cameron's life-changing program, The Artist's Way--journaling, artist’s dates, and short writes--to facilitate a dramatic creative recovery. This class is designed to eliminate your creative blocks, eradicate fear around creating, and provide you with a warm and encouraging environment in which to do your thing.You will find your authentic voice as well as discover other avenues of creativity. In short, you will unleash the beast! Many studies have shown that a community of like-minded, encouraging peers fosters greater creativity and joy. This course runs deep--peel back the layers and let your authentic self shine!
About the teacher
Mary Angel Blount, MFA, RYT, comes to yoga from a roundabout route. Before she started training to be a yoga instructor, she taught college English for 23 years. “When I discovered yoga in the 1990s, I was teaching creative writing and composition. I was amazed at yoga’s effect on creativity,” she says. “Yoga lowered my self-criticism, so I could feel freer to create.” She continues: “Yoga is also phenomenal for stress. It speeds up the energy in my body and slows down the energy in my mind. It is the perfect reset! More than that, it’s bliss! My calling is to help others discover how profoundly and how positively yoga can affect us all.” In addition to teaching a variety of hatha/vinyasa yoga classes at Bliss Bliss Bliss such as Gentle Yoga and Bliss Flow, Mary Angel also teaches Chakra Yoga, a 75-minute class that includes chakra assessment & balancing, journaling, chanting, meditation, and asana. “The two forces running through our bodies—the liberation current and the manifestation current—are always fluctuating and thus, in constant need of balancing. Chakra Yoga helps us to balance our energy and dissolve our blocks to love and creative bliss.”

Monday, September 14 at 6:30 pm
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