Men's Grooming Duration Price
  • GROOM THIS BEARD 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    Groom and shape your beard also straight razor around the edges
  • MENS CUT 45 minutes $50.00 Book Now
    Scalp Massage, Hot Towel, Cut&Style
  • MILITARY MUG 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    Wash and buzz
  • SHADES OF YOUTH 40 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    Blend in those greys and get your mojo back
  • STRAIGHT RAZOR 30 minutes $35.00 Book Now
    Hot towel shave fallowed by relaxing facial massage and skin treatment
  • THE WORKS 1 hour 15 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    Go ahead treat yourself to THE WORKS!This combines the MEN'S CUT & STRAIGHT RAZOR all in one visit.
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